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Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Menu

Super. Bowl. Sunday. Three of my husband's favorite words. Why? Interesting question... It could be because my dear husband loves to host parties. He is such a social guy ~ and just loves to have people over to our home and entertain them. Another reason is that he genuinely loves the commercials that accompany the annual Super Bowl game. He sits back and emits the most wonderful chuckles as he soaks in the creative genius that the advertising world has to offer. My final reason that I believe that my husband loves the Super Bowl is the food that accompanies our annual event. We have had Cajun Deep Fried turkeys, "Soup"er Bowl menu themes, and various others. When Matt starts to plan the event, his first question always is, "Honey, what are you making?"

So ... I have known (for the most part) what our menu was going to be for this year's event. We are having just a very small party this year (due to the flooding of our basement ... again). I am focusing on a simple menu that has a lot of flavor.

Super Bowl Menu
1) Black Bean Chicken Chili ~ This chili is good all by itself ... or, you can always top it with Fritos, Monterrey Jack cheese, green onions, sour cream, avocado, fresh tomatoes, (the list could go on ...)
2) Home-made Winter Salsa (courtesy of The Pioneer Woman) with tortilla chips (It is winter salsa because I can use canned tomatoes to make it!)
3) Spinach-Artichoke Dip served with vegetables and crackers.
4) Garlicky French Loaf
5) Best Brownies (in honor of my brother-in-law's birthday ... they are his favorite. I will make a double batch. One for his birthday party tomorrow & one for our party).

Hope you all enjoy the game and have a super safe, Super Bowl!

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