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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

May The Force Be With You ...

Boys. Some things can be completely and utterly explained by just that one word.

Boys are fantastic ~ especially my boys... not that I am biased or anything! I love how my boys are unafraid to use their imaginations. They are resourceful while they are at play.

Case in point~
Icicicles hanging from the roof of the house can be any of the below, on any given day:
1) Delicious afternoon treats for 2 little boys (Note from author - YUCK)
2) Easily shattered on concrete stairs
3) Swords used to re-inact scenes from STAR WARS

What could I write that could ever compare to these pictures?

'Nuff said! My boys and their imaginations light up my life and bring laughter to my days. I am, without a doubt, abundantly blessed!

1 comment:

Porters said...

Randy says it looks like Matthew and Andrew all over again! Cute pics!