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Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

Pretty pink flowers - and some stuff I pulled out of the ground - it was pretty.

The infamous hosta plants that Jack helped establish.

Lavender and pink flowers in my favorite flower pot.

Impatients and Hydrangea

Basil (I used this in my Margarita Pizza this week - I use LOTS of basil in the Summer).
Also, a tiny bit of Cilantro that somehow survived from LAST Summer (outside ... in the flower pot!)

You can never have enough Thyme...

Flowers after a morning rain fall.

Oregano, Parsley, and Rosemary.

How DOES my garden grow?

No ... really. How does it? I was born with a black thumb (unlike the rest of my family, who can all have beautiful gardens and house plants). Funny story, a few years ago, my (then) 92 year old neighbor gave me some hostas to plant in my garden. I watered them and tended them as instructed (on specific days even). By the end of the year, they were all ... well, let's just say, they did not have a prosperous Summer! The following year, my (then 93 year old) neighbor came over, planted *more* hostas and was very clear in his instructions, "Annette - just leave these alone. I will take care of them. These *will* survive this year!"

So ... Here is my garden this Summer. My herbs are flourishing (and, yes - I planted those. I am convinced they are only doing well because I can cook with them. They know that they are "food" so they thrive under my care and attention) The rest of the garden ... I am still trying to keep healthy. I still do not touch my hostas. See how they have grown?


Brook said...

Looking at these photos I would never imagine that you would have any issues with your garden, they look fabulous. Isn't it fun to cook with what you've grown. We had our first veggie & fruit garden last year, not the most successful but we did get to use some of it and we got to carve our own pumpkins, that was so cool. We planted again this year, we'll see what happens.

Netters said...

My husband's father has a very large garden that is very abundant in its produce every year. We are very spoiled in that respect! I really do love using my fresh herbs ... and I always *try* to bring them in during the winter ... but they always die that way. So, I have found leaving them outside gives them a fighting chance. My chives survive in the pot and come back every year (and spread!), my dill comes back and so did my cilantro this year. I was shocked about that last one!