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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happily Ever Afters

This past weekend, I had the joy and priviledge of witnessing the marriage of my beautiful cousin Meghan. She is now (officially) Mrs. Jeremy Drane.

The wedding was beautiful. It was set in the Masonic Lodge in downtown Des Moines. The architecture was amazing - I found myself admiring the beautiful stained glass windows, the ornate ceilings, and all of the other beautiful elements of the newly remodeled building. I was amazed to hear that my cousin David had a hand in some of the work as he was the lead architect during the remodel (it was his first job).

The ceremony was memorable. Special moments include the ring bearers dropping the rings, my cousin Meghan's radiant smile lighting up the room, my cousin Laura's amazing duet - where she sang Andrea Boccelli's song, "The Prayer". That song, literally brought tears to my eyes (it was that lovely ... ) But then, I would get distracted by my youngest son's commentary on the wedding. "Is that 'sing' almost done yet?", "I really need a drink, Mommy." "Can I just go up there to play with those boys and that girl?" "Is it time to eat?" "My Leapster will quiet if I play it." Needless to say, a complete range of emotions was experienced ... from tears to laughter, from sweetness to embarrasment. And the best emotion was the relief... after the wedding had ended and multiple people said how well behaved my boys were during the wedding.

I loved being able to see family and friends that I have not talked to in years. The evening was much too short - and I did not get to talk to everyone that I wanted to. But, I definitely reflect back on all of the love I experienced that night. My cup overfloweth!

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reesethepug said...

Congratulations to Meghan!!!! Can't wait to see you all next month!