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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year - Fresh Start Menu #4

Last menu for the last full week of January 2012. We have been enjoying our snowy weekend ... playing outside, enjoying some snow ice cream (I always set a nice big bowl out on the patio during the biggest snowstorms), watching movies and playing games. What are your favorite activities for snowy days?

Here is what is on our plate for this coming week:

Meal #1: Inspiration from Pinterest
Spanish Rice
Mandarin Oranges

Meal #2: A family favorite
Zuppa Toscana (Italian sausage, potato and kale soup)
Garlicky Breadsticks
Garden Salad

Meal #3: Restaurant-Inspired Night
Lemon-Infused Tilapia
Cheddar Bay Biscuits
Garden Salad

Meal #4: Breakfast for Supper
Bubby's Pancakes
Maple-Glazed Bacon
Fruit Salad

What is on your plates for this upcoming week? I would love to hear your menu plans.

Have a great week!

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