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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First-Born

My thoughtful one, my forever song, my light, my laughter ... with the kindest heart, the most inquisitive mind, generous spirit, and adventurous soul. My oldest son has brightened our lives for 8 years and I am forever thankful. I am privileged to have been given the gift of being his Mommy and I look forward to seeing his character and personality more fully develop in the years to come.

It never gets any easier ... watching my child growing up and becoming more independent. This last week was his first week of school for the 2010-2011 year. I have a second grader. My heart is filled with joy and excitement as I see him developing and growing more secure in who he is. However, while I can say that, I am also a little sad as I watch my first-born son flying just a little bit farther away from our nest... I am lucky that he still enjoys cuddling on the sofa and watching a movie or reading a book with me. I am fortunate that he loves discussing his days with me (at great length) and relaying his latest adventures with me. I love watching him interact with his brother; he exudes patience and generosity as he plays with my second-born. My oldest demonstrates his love for his brother with every action (although, these boys still enjoy a good fight now and again ... and they love wrestling). We are raising our boys to be "best friends" and most days, I am happy to report that they are.

As August closes, I celebrate my first-born in his birthday month. I am so thankful for his life. I love my little fisherman who loves to go camping with his Daddy and Grandpa (though, I am still waiting to be invited to go on these guy-activities), who will illustrate a comic book just for his Mommy, who will joyfully help me make pancakes on a Saturday morning, who loves to run and ride his bike, who collects bugs and frogs (and usually sets them free), who enjoys helping our 93 year old neighbor (who he calls his friend), and who always has a song to sing. He is one of my treasures ... and I am forever blessed.

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