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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's for Supper? Winter Menu #1

Winter time makes me long for comfort foods. The menu that I am sharing has a variety of meals that are comforting. Some reflect simple, flavorful meals that are perfectly warming on a cold winter day. Some of the meals are a fresh burst of flavor to break up the mundane days that winter sometimes holds. All are delicious! I hope that these simple recipes will become new favorites for your family.

I am adding a new segment to my menu planning posts: Baking. Every week, I plan a few things that I am going to bake or prepare for my family to enjoy. It may be a special treat or something to complement a meal.

Orange-Berry Granola with Pecans (for Breakfast and fruit and yogurt parfaits)
Rustic French Loaves (for Stuffed French Toast and to use on Menu #1)

Menu #1: Quick and Comforting
Quick Cream of Tomato Soup
Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (using the Rustic French Loaves for the bread)

Menu #2: Take-out? At home!
Beef and Spinach Lo Mein
Asian Mandarin Salad
Egg Drop Soup

Menu #3: Home-style Comfort
Country Chicken with Gravy
Red Potatoes
Garlicky Green Beans

Menu #4: Dreaming of Summertime
Soft Fish Tacos
Spanish Rice


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